Scot Under the Covers

  • Author Suzanne Enoch
  • Release Date January 28, 2020
  • Publisher St. Marin’s Press
  • ISBN/ASIN 1250296404
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Raonaid

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Our Review

Aden MacTaggert is the middle son of a Scottish laird and an Englishwoman. He and his brothers must adhere to their estranged mother’s demands or lose their ancestral home. Aden is a proficient gambler. When Miranda Harris seeks his advice on gamblers, he agrees to help with her current plight. As they devise a way to free her from an unwanted marriage, Aden realizes Miranda is the woman he wants to marry. Can Aden outfox a career gambler intent on marrying Miranda? Or will he lose more than he bargained for?

Miranda Harris is society’s darling, respected and adored by her peers. Her brother is engaged to the only MacTaggert daughter. Miranda has an intense dislike for gamblers. To her dismay, she learns her brother offered her up as collateral for his gambling debts. Miranda approaches the only man with the skillset to help free herself. Aden, however, proves to be different than other gamblers. Will Miranda escape her unwanted future? Or will she be forced to marry a man she loathes?

Aden is such a treat! He has this infectious air about him that makes him so likeable. I adore Aden’s code of ethics when it comes to gambling. Aden has a set of rules he follows whenever he wagers. Also, he gambles out of fun not greed. What I love the most about Aden is his vulnerability towards anything, human or animal, in distress. He dislikes seeing either abused or taken advantage of. Aden cannot help but play knight-in-shining-armor.

At the beginning of the story, I did not care for Miranda’s personality. She came off too condescending and snobbish for my tastes. I understand her sentiments towards gambling and gamblers, yet that did not excuse Miranda’s behavior towards Aden. However, she did redeem herself as the book progressed. I like how Miranda noticed there was more to Aden than just his ability at wagering. What I admire about the most about Miranda is her determination to find a way out of the mess her brother put her in. She refused to be his sacrificial offering.

SCOT UNDER THE COVERS is book two in Suzanne Enoch’s historical romance series, WILD WICKED HIGHLANDER. I love the fun and unique titles chosen for the books in this series. I hope the next novel continues to follow the trend. I like that the couple from book one, IT’S GETTING SCOT IN HERE, make appearances throughout the story.

SCOT UNDER THE COVERS is a charming and enjoyable tale of the flaws of prejudging someone based on their hobbies. I could not help but smile and laugh through the book. I cannot wait to find out which society miss will snatch the oldest MacTaggert’s bachelorhood.

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