Seduction on a Snowy Night

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SEDUCTION ON A SNOWY NIGHT has three historical romances all set in the early 1800’s by authors Madeline Hunter, Sabrina Jeffries, and Mary Jo Putney. All the stories have strong women and involve seductions, snowstorms, and brawny men with titles. Yet each of the stories are both different and captivating. I enjoyed the previews at the back of each story for another book by the author, some of which continued the stories told in this volume.


A CHRISTMAS ABDUCTION has an unusual twist that Adam, a Baron, is abducted by a commoner, Caroline, and her friend/servant but Adam has no idea why. There are a lot of enjoyable twists and turns to the story. Adam doesn’t seem to hold his kidnapping against Caroline. Adam, although he has a cutthroat cousin who happens to be Caroline’s neighbor, doesn’t seem to like some of his cousin’s actions (especially against Caroline’s family,) and that is where he is torn. There is a definite attraction between Caroline and Adam, and Caroline struggles with her feelings for him. Adam seems to keep his head and his word as he tries to piece everything together.

The scenic descriptions of the countryside at Christmas are vivid. I could feel the cold. There is a depth to the characters and a wonderfully portrayed happily ever after that was better than I expected, along with a few surprises for Caroline from Adam.

A PERFECT MATCH by Sabrina Jeffries

A PERFECT MATCH was my favorite story. I love the characters of Cass and Heywood and how they help each other. They have a definite attraction, but she’s keeping him from his goal of wooing her cousin, Kitty. There are secrets and madcap antics surrounding the abduction of both Cass and Kitty, but Heywood’s mom steals the show, with her funny manipulations. The Heywood family Christmas traditions add lovely details to the story.

The story has some villains in addition to the holiday antics of family and friends. The pacing, descriptions, and characters made this a truly enjoyable story. At the end, the preview of THE BACHELOR seems like we’ll be reading about Heywood’s family once again. I for one can’t wait!


STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT begins in Bombay, India, but then returns us to London with Diana. Diana is a character way before her time since she and her female business partner import goods from India to England. When she returns to England, she hopes to scout out new businesses that will carry her company’s wares. Little does she know she’ll run into her former friend, Anthony, whom she ran away from seven years ago when he proposed marriage. Both Diana and Anthony have their defenses up, but as they spend time together, those defenses get whittled away.

The characters’ interactions are wonderful, the story plot interesting as the characters deal with both the good and the bad. I hope we get to meet up with Diana and Anthony’s family’s again since there seem to be a lot more stories to tell.

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