Shattered Bonds (Jane Yellowrock)

  • Author Faith Hunter
  • Release Date October 29, 2019
  • Publisher Ace
  • ISBN/ASIN 978-0399587986
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by SJ

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Our Review

New York Times bestseller Faith Hunter returns in this thirteenth volume of her bestselling Jane Yellowrock series about a Native American skinwalker and Dark Queen of the vampire community. (SHATTERED BONDS is best read as part of the series, as new readers might be confused.)

When we last left off with Jane, she had become the vampires’ Dark Queen and was doing her best to find a cure for the paranormal cancer plaguing her. The usual crew are with her, including Beast (of course), Bruiser, Eli, Alex, Molly, and a few others who make the series the rich wonder that it is.

Faith Hunter writes complex plots, and this story is no different. At its basic, it’s about Jane finding a cure to her disease and learning to live as the Dark Queen. But it’s so much more than that. Jane’s vampires are going missing back home. All signs point to someone making a power-play for her position. And then there’s an ancient evil not quite as destroyed as Jane once thought. Or is it something new? Oh, and all this is happening while Jane is wasting away.

With so much going on, it would be easy to get lost. This is a thoughtful, lush, vibrant world of evil, goodness, and a mix of those who live in-between. Jane continues to mature as a protagonist, and Hunter never lets the plot or the characters stagnate.

I read the book in one sitting and now plan to go back and reread the whole series. Again! Jane Yellowrock is such a terrific character. She’s not perfect, and she knows it. Beast, as always, is one of the best parts of the story. Jane’s other half, the big cat from which she often shapeshifts, has deeper thoughts of her own. Seeing Jane finally realize just what Beast needs to be happy and how they might become more than two separate entities existing in one form really gave the book a boost in terms of interest and development.

A MUST READ for Jane Yellowrock fans. Hunter just keeps getting better! SHATTERED BONDS is another winner for urban fantasy lovers and those wanting creative, entertaining fiction.

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