Sisters By Choice

  • Author Susan Mallery
  • Release Date February 11, 2020
  • Publisher Mira
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by BPoston

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Our Review

Sophie Lane has returned home to Blackberry Island. She is a successful businesswoman, but after her warehouse burns down, she returns home to try and figure out how she’s going to re-start from scratch. Sophie wants her cat toy business to grow and be bigger than what it was, but she’s so controlling that she can’t stop micro-managing everything. This results in none of her employees wanting to relocate to Blackberry Island with her, which means she not only has to re-create her product line from scratch, she also needs to find talented people willing to work for her.

Katherine loves being a mom and wife and really loves baking for her family, friends, and for special occasions. As her children are getting older, she is becoming dissatisfied with her life. She’s always wanted to own a bakery, and with money she inherited, she wants to find out if her dream can become a reality. The problem is her husband does not agree with her and walks out when he discovers she needs to pursue this dream whether or not he is on board.

Heather works multiple jobs. Her dream is to go to college. However, every time she saves enough money to apply toward school, her mother suffers some type of crisis and uses emotional blackmail to get Heather to give her saved funds.  

Although all three women are cousins and not not biological sisters, they are sisters by choice. Each undergoes a journey that forces them to re-examine their lives. They must determine what is really important and how they can achieve their goals for happiness and success.

Susan Mallery is a wonderful storyteller and creates strong female characters you can’t help but cheer out loud for. SISTERS BY CHOICE is a wonderful book and a perfect read.

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