Storm Cursed (A Mercy Thompson Novel)

  • Author Patricia Briggs
  • Release Date May 7, 2019
  • Publisher Ace
  • ISBN/ASIN 978-0425281291
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by SJ

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Our Review

Patricia Briggs’ Mercy Thompson series just keeps getting better, and STORM CURSED, the eleventh installment, is a 5 Heart, Recommended Read that I can’t recommend enough! It does help to be invested in this series, however, and I’d encourage new readers to start with the first in the series, MOON CALLED.

In this riveting, fast-paced and rollicking well-crafted tale, Mercy is busy dealing with goblins and…well, suffice it to say the words zombie and miniature-goat come into play. The pack is present with some standouts (characters not focused on in previous books) stealing the show. Fans will learn more about the mysterious Sherwood. The goblins prove fascinating creatures, and an evil causing death on a massive scale is running rampant in the Tri-Cities, giving Mercy and her pals no end of grief. 

I hesitate to say more, not wanting to spoil the book. But I will say that Patricia Briggs is a master at storytelling, weaving enriching plots and multi-layered characters together with astonishing skill. I’ve read this book cover to cover twice now, and I plan to go back and read it a third time to continue to pick up on details I’ve previously missed.

Every time I think I want to know more about one member of the pack, another does something that intrigues me and makes me even more interested! This is one series not to be missed. For urban fantasy and paranormal fiction fans, you can’t do better. Pick up your copy of STORM CURSED today!

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