Sweet Little Lies

  • Author Jill Shalvis
  • Release Date June 28, 2016
  • Publisher Avon
  • ISBN/ASIN 9780062448033
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Dottie

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Our Review

Pru Harris, the captain of a San Francisco tour boat, is alone in the world since the death of her parents. Having recently moved into a new apartment that she loves, Pru is getting adjusted and making new friends. The one friend she would really like to have is the local pub owner, Finn. In fact, she would like more than that with the green-eyed hunk, but he is the one man she cannot have.

Finn O’Riley has worked hard to make a success of his business, the Irish Pub. He also feels that he must watch over his younger brother. Since the death of their parents, these two only have each other and his brother can be a bit wild at times. This has left Finn with little time for having fun. However, he is finding it hard to resist Pru, who, hoping to bring some happiness into his life, claims to be the fun whisperer.

When an impromptu game of darts goes awry, the outcome brings Pru and Finn closer together. The kiss they share is like nothing either one has experienced before, leaving them wanting more. But Pru has a secret that she must share before things get out of hand.  She just has trouble getting it out since she is certain that it will spell the end of any chance of a future with Finn. Still, wanting his happiness, she makes a wish for him as she drops a coin in a nearby fountain that is legendary for having granted other wishes. Will this wish also serve to give Pru her heart’s desire, or will her secret destroy even her friendship with the man she loves?

A scrumptious tale, SWEET LITTLE LIES, the first book in New York Times bestselling author Jill Shalvis’ HEARTBREAKER BAY series, is a fun, sexy contemporary romance that I found impossible to put down. Finn and Pru are such delightful characters, you can’t help rooting for her and the chemistry between them is off-the-charts. The secondary characters add a great deal of depth and humor to the story and I can’t wait to read their stories. The loyalty and camaraderie between Pru, Finn and their friends is so heartwarming and their banter and antics will leave you laughing out loud.

As prolific as Ms. Shalvis is, it is unbelievable that she is a new-to-me author, but that was quickly remedied after reading this novel, which I hated to see end. Afterwards, I immediately searched for more of her work and ended up purchasing quite a few. Now I eagerly anticipate visiting Heartbreak Bay once more with her next book in this series, THE TROUBLE WITH MISTLETOE, which is due out in late September 2016.

Brimming with humor, close-knit friendships, engaging characters, secrets, healing, passion and true love, SWEET LITTLE LIES is a must read for anyone who enjoys stories containing plenty of heart, humor and heat. This is just book one of what promises to be a memorable series, so do yourself a favor and pick up a copy today!

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