Tempting Fate

  • Author Kerrigan Byrne
  • Release Date May 11, 2021
  • Publisher Gnarly Wool Publishing
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Raonaid

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Our Review

Gabriel Sauvageau is a half-English and half-Monegasque smuggler-slash-gangster. He and his younger brother are former leaders of a crime syndicate based in London. Gabriel cannot banish the youngest Goode sister from his thoughts. He protects her from the shadows. However, when Felicity needs a bodyguard, Gabriel falls into the position. The woman tempts him to want a better life. Can Gabriel protect Felicity against a mysterious threat? And will she be his salvation?

Felicity Goode is the youngest daughter of a baron. She must marry a nobleman to keep her inheritance. Felicity’s reticent nature makes it difficult for her to navigate in the ton’s social whirl. When she is threatened and accosted, she puts out a post for a personal bodyguard. Everything about Gabriel should frighten Felicity, yet she cannot help but feel safe around him. Will Felicity forsake her duty for Gabriel? And what secrets will she learn about her family?

I have been wanting Gabriel’s happily-ever-after since book two, COURTING TROUBLE. He puts every wounded/tortured hero I have read up until now to shame. Gabriel is a man who has seen most of the evils that exist in the world; he has also participated in most to survive. What I love the most about Gabriel is his ability to bolster Felicity’s determined bravado. He does not cosset her, but he encourages her to find her courage to stand up on her own.

I generally do not care for heroines like Felicity. However, I find her perfect for Gabriel. Where Felicity is fair, timid, and weak, Gabriel is her opposite: dark, ruthless, and strong. The two balance each other’s weaknesses beautifully. What I adore the most about Felicity is her ability to see the good in Gabriel. She does not see him as a monster. Felicity acknowledges his dark points as a necessity for survival in a harsh and dark world.

TEMPTING FATE is book four in Kerrigan Byrne’s historical romance series, GOODE GIRLS, a continuation-of-sorts from her VICTORIAN REBELS series. I highly suggest reading the prior three books in the series, especially the second book, because that is where the hero and heroine first meet. I love that the couples from the previous books make intermittent appearances throughout the story.

TEMPTING FATE is a spellbinding tale of two damaged souls finding each other. I find reading Kerrigan Bryne’s stories a marvelous treat! I cannot wait for the next installment!

A recommended read.

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