The Cowboy and the Kid

  • Author Anne McAllister
  • Release Date January 26, 2017
  • Publisher Tule Publishing
  • ISBN/ASIN 9781945879562
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Chrissy

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Our Review

Taggart Jones has never regretted giving up the rodeo life to raise his daughter, eight-year-old Becky, in a stable environment. At least he hadn’t before now but the young lady is seriously pushing her luck.  Becky’s taken it into her head that her dad needs a wife – and she’s found the perfect candidate, her teacher Felicity Albright.   Taggart has no interest in marriage and no amount of strategic maneuvering from his daughter is going to change his mind.  Of course, there’s no point in denying that Felicity is an attractive woman and he’d love to get to know her.  However it’s a small community, she’s his daughter’s teacher, and he’s not interested in romantic entanglements – the farther he stays from Felicity the better it’ll be for everyone.   However, Becky’s pretty tenacious and Taggart and Felicity are helpless to resist their attraction to each other.

Anne McAllister brought a smile to my face with this charming story. Tanner and Felicity are great characters who seem to have met their match in Becky.   Some of her ideas on hooking up the reluctant adults are laughable – including wearing spurs to school, and I could understand why Tanner gets more than a little irritated with her attempts at butting into his non-existent love life.  I really enjoyed getting to know Tanner and Felicity’s backgrounds and understanding their differing attitude about becoming involved with each other.  What I really loved though is Felicity’s teaching methods and how it ends up causing difficulties with one of the parents results in a challenge that’s as shocking as it is titillating.  

THE COWBOY AND THE KID is the fourth title in Anne McAllister’s TANNER BROTHERS series. I haven’t read the other titles yet so I’m guessing they can all be read as stand-alone titles, but  I am curious about the other brothers so will definitely be picking up copies of the previous releases.






COWBOY PRIDE – releases February 13, 2017

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