The Engagement Arrangement

  • Author Jaci Burton
  • Release Date June 29, 2021
  • Publisher Berkley
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by BPoston

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Our Review

Brenna Bellini is in a fix. A very close friend of hers is getting married at her family winery and Brenna is a bridesmaid. However, she discovers her ex-husband (the cheat) will also be in attendance with his wife—Brenna’s ex-best friend. The horrible woman will do anything and everything to make her uncomfortable, including throwing in Brenna’s face the fact that she’s married to the man with whom Brenna thought she would spend the rest of her life.

To keep peace and hopefully allow her friends to have an amazing wedding, Brenna comes up with a plan. She’ll ask Finn Nolan, the Irishman she grew up with and who helps maintain the family property, to pretend to be her fiance just until after the wedding. This should keep the nasty ex-friend out of her face, especially since Finn is such a hunk.

Finn has been in love with Brenna for years, but she always treated him as just a friend. He wants more with her. When she brings up the fake fiance proposal, he jumps at the offer hoping this will allow him to show her that there’s more between them than just being friends.

I loved THE ENGAGMENT ARRANGEMENT!  It was so much fun to see what antics Brenna and Finn found themselves in and how they resolved to get out of them. Jaci Burton always creates wonderful characters you can’t help but cheer for, hoping they find their happily ever after. What a fantastic read!

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