The First Kiss of Spring

  • Author Emily March
  • Release Date February 27, 2018
  • Publisher St. Martin's
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by BPoston

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Our Review

THE FIRST KISS OF SPRING is the 14th book in the Eternity Springs series written by Emily March, and it is just as wonderful as all the previous books. I feel like I have come home. The characters are real, warm, and compelling. Like all of us, they have their flaws, but underneath, they love each other, realizing nothing is more important than family—whether biological or those you claim as your own.

Caitlin Timberlake returns to Eternity Springs to re-evaluate her life. She works as a designer in New York but doesn’t really love her job. She wants something more and after searching her heart, realizes she wants to open a daycare back home in Eternity Springs. Getting her family on board will be tough. Her mother loves her big city success and will balk at her wanting a more simple lifestyle.  

Josh Tarkington runs and operates a successful auto mechanic shop in Eternity Springs. He’s a man with many secrets and keeps to himself. He’s overcome a horrendous childhood and loves the life he now has. No drama. No lies. Good friends. It’s a peaceful existence until he runs into Caitlin. He’s immediately attracted to her but because of his past, he needs to keep his distance. He needs to keep his secrets.

Josh soon realizes the property next door has been purchased, and a daycare is being opened. Imagine his surprise when he learns Caitlin is the owner and soon to be operator. When Caitlin realizes her new neighbor is none other than the sexy auto mechanic who helped her out (even if he was more than a bit obnoxious), she decides she needs to get to know him better, whether he wants it or not.

This story is about two people dealing with life changes. One is pursuing her dreams while the other is afraid to take a risk. They each take a journey that shows them there’s nothing they can’t achieve with the help, love, and support of each other and their family and friends. I love this book and this series!

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