The Greatest Risk

  • Author Kristen Ashley
  • Release Date May 1, 2018
  • Publisher St. Martins Press
  • ISBN/ASIN 978-1250177100
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Angel Brewer

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Our Review

Simone has a hard time connecting to anyone. She hides within herself and distances herself from everyone and everything. She prefers to be an observer in the world and watch people.  She hides a darker secret.  Simone wants to be dominated.  It is something she keeps hidden for fear that once unleashed it will be something she can’t control.  Maybe with the right man she may find that not only can she enjoy her fantasies, but that he can show her so much more in the world of bondage and dominance.

Stellan has seen Simone and wanted her since the moment he saw her.  He knows there is a passionate woman that she is hiding beneath that cool exterior. Stellan wants to be the one to unleash her beast and reveal the vulnerable side of her.  He can turn her into the perfect submissive and make her accept the side of herself she is trying to suppress.  Stellan is a dominant and with his tutoring Simone will become the submissive she is meant to be and finally let go of the passion inside her.

THE GREATEST RISK explores the world of dominant and submissives and can be a little intense.  I did not want to give away too much because the book is so interesting to read and the plot is so enthralling I feel the reader needs to experience it for themselves.  I did enjoy this book and the love scenes are very detailed and smoking hot.  This is not a book you can read in one sitting and it will be hard to put down once you start.  Readers will enjoy the emotional journey of Simone and Stellan and thoroughly devour this book.

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