The Hero

  • Author Donna Grant
  • Release Date December 6, 2016
  • Publisher St. Martins
  • ISBN/ASIN 1250083397
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Raonaid

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Our Review

Navy SEAL Owen Loughman returns home to Texas for a mysterious mission where he finds his aunt and uncle brutally murdered plus his father missing. Owen partners with his two brothers, his ex-girlfriend Natalie Dixon, and Callie, a woman who is like a sister to him, to find Orrin Loughman and the secretive item he stole from the Russians. Seeing Natalie again, and working in close proximity with her, reinforces his regret for letting her go fourteen years ago. When the Russians put a hit on her, Owen is determined to protect Natalie at all costs.

Natalie Dixon is a linguist working for the Russian Embassy in Dallas, Texas. She meets with Orrin Loughman, her ex-boyfriend’s father, and agrees to keep an eye out for a particular something inside the embassy. When she accidentally stumbles on what Orrin is searching for, Natalie finds herself neck-deep in trouble with the Russians. To learn more about the mysterious Ragnarok, and find the whereabouts of Orrin, she has to work closely with the very man responsible for breaking her heart fourteen years ago. Natalie intends to maintain an emotional distance from Owen Loughman, but the sexy SEAL remembers every one of her weaknesses.

Owen is alpha without the overbearing attitude and domineering posturing. He openly acknowledges Natalie’s ideas and implements them into their plan-of-action to locate his missing father and unearth the mystery behind Ragnarok. I love how Orrin’s kidnapping forces Owen to not only reevaluate what he wants in life but to reexamine his feelings and thoughts on his father. Now that he is an adult, and united with the fear of losing Natalie, helps Owen understand what his mother’s death truly cost Orrin. Although his intentions were good, he regrets of letting Natalie go fourteen years ago and decides to rectify that error. I adore how he does not push Natalie but steadily wears down her weariness to show how earnest Owen is to reignite her love.

The first thing I like about Natalie is her awesome choices in television shows, Criminal Minds and Dr. Who. Natalie comprehends that she is in unchartered waters, yet she never allows it to deter her from contributing ideas and helping in their execution. I admire Natalie for recognizing that she is out-of-her-expertise and to survive, she needs Owen’s help and skill set. I like how, at first, she is leery of allowing Owen to get close despite learning the truth behind their break-up. Instead of forgiving him instantly, she holds out until Owen can re-win her love again.

THE HERO is the first book in Donna Grant’s brand new suspense series, SONS OF TEXAS. I am a big fan of this author’s paranormal books, DARK WARRIORS and DARK KINGS, and her historical-paranormal series, DARK SWORD. From drool-worthy Highlanders and Dragon Lords to Texans, Donna Grant sure knows how to write irresistible, hunky, alpha-types.

THE HERO is as action-packed and gripping as Donna Grant’s paranormal books. I easily found myself immersed in the characters’ plight and tension. I hope the next book in the series involves the broody Wyatt and Callie. I am dying to learn what truly lies between those two.

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