The Hiding Place

  • Author Paula Munier
  • Release Date March 30, 2021
  • Publisher Minotaur Books
  • ISBN/ASIN 9781250153074
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Michele Rioli

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Our Review

Mercy and Elvis return in the mesmerizing, murder mystery, THE HIDING PLACE. This winning story is full of danger, deceit, scandal, and pride. After learning that the guy who murdered her grandpa just broke out of prison, Mercy is on a mission to discover what really happened years ago. Plus, Elvis, her famous canine partner, might not help her this time, since his former owner shows up out of the blue. Then, her grandfather’s deputy who is on his deathbed, asks Mercy to solve a cold case that’s years old. She needs to find out whether a lady, Beth Kilgore, disappeared of her own accord or was murdered. Mercy is in for a dangerous and emotion-packed ride as all hell breaks loose!

Mercy is beside herself when her beloved grandmother goes missing, her dog might be taken away from her, and explosions and thievery abound. How will she cope losing the ones she loves most? Troy Warner, handsome Vermont Game Warden, offers his help, but first Mercy must forgive him. Troy and his trusty dog, search-and-rescue Susie Bear, aid Mercy in her quest for her missing grandma. Plus, they dig into the cold case of Beth and find some unusual, unexpected surprises. What do they find? Do they find her grandmother? Will Mercy and Troy put their differences behind them to solve the most twisted murder mystery of all?

THE HIDING PLACE is a fast-paced, high-stakes mystery. An unsolved cold case, a wayward, murderous prisoner, mysterious malevolent men, and secrets galore fill the pages of this cunning novel. Ms. Munier expertly delivers a gripping, diabolical, devious story complete with wit and sarcasm. Mercy and her lovable dog, Elvis, bumble along, unearthing a dodgy, dangerous mystery that frighteningly ties her loved ones and murderous men together. Troy and his adorable, brave dog, Susie Bear, help Mercy find the truth behind the lies. Will they find out what happened to Beth? I loved how Munier draws out the suspense skillfully, creating a formidable atmosphere fueled with tension and hardships. Mercy deals with a lot in this story, her mom, friends, boyfriend Troy, her devoted dog and more. This is one cool caper that has an intricate plot and a head scratching whodunnit! THE HIDING PLACE is a stunning mix of secrecy and schemes. Don’t miss it!

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