The Love Scam

  • Author MaryJanice Davidson
  • Release Date August 4, 2020
  • Publisher St. Martin's Griffin
  • ISBN/ASIN 9781250053169
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Michele Rioli

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Our Review

THE LOVE SCAM is a slap-happy, wacky, with a kidnapping of sorts plot that is all smirks, laughs and romance. The story stars a rich, lazy bachelor, Rake Tarbell, who is extremely handsome, who has a twin brother. His life is in the pits, after he finds himself being hauled out of the stinky Venice canal. How did he get here? Terribly hungover, his wallet is gone, and his bank account is empty, what is he going to do? Then, a beautiful woman, Claire Delaney, brings a little girl named Lillith into his life, and says she is his daughter. Is he in the Twilight Zone?

Claire has a penchant for shenanigans and secrets. She takes on a case of helping out a broke, charming, deliciously good-looking guy. Actually, Claire knows about Rake and his problems. The question is how to keep a guy entertained enough, so he doesn’t leave before her job is finished? Misdirect his attention is the name of the game and before long romance rules. What is actually going on? Why is pretty, clever Claire helping him out? Is Lillith really his daughter?

THE LOVE SCAM is a very unique, incredibly comical romance story with curly-q twists and turns that will leave you wondering which way is up. You need a clear head to stay on top of this puzzling kidnapping plot. Ms. Davidson, queen of babble, delivers an original story, that I read twice to figure it all out. Opposites attract in this spirited, engaging novel. Claire, is as good with a computer program as she is with delivering one-liners. Simply awesome! This story is adorably adventurous as Rake comes to grip with a new reality, life without money. How does one cope? With Claire to steer him, it pretty much will be okay, right? Along the way, they fall for each other and there are fireworks galore! Loved this new angle for a love story! THE LOVE SCAM is over-the-top sensational, wily fun!

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