The Protector

  • Author Donna Grant
  • Release Date January 3, 2017
  • Publisher St. Martins
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Raonaid

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Our Review

THE PROTECTOR by Donna Grant answers some of the series questions and heightens the suspenseful vibe for book three.

Marine Force Recon Captain Cullen Loughman is the youngest Loughman brother. He gets assigned to search for his father after Orrin Loughman’s mysterious disappearance. Cullen begins his hunt by finding the last person who saw his father before he vanished. He arrives in time to help Mia escape a sticky situation involving Columbian cartel henchmen. Cullen and Mia’s investigation leads to the discovery of a dangerous secret organization called ‘The Saints’.  Can Cullen keep Mia safe from The Saints? Will they learn the truth about the enigmatic bioweapon The Saints want?

Former Air Force Pilot Mia Carter works as a contract pilot-for-hire. She owes Orrin Loughman a huge debt-of-gratitude. Mia finds herself in a tight spot with a former client, only to have Cullen Loughman even the odds. She offers her aid to Cullen in his search for Orrin while safe-guarding her deepest, darkest shame.  Mia discovers through her Russian contacts that she is The Saint’s next target. She fights her combustible attraction to Cullen as they continue to dodge their enemy’s detection. Can Mia and Cullen elude The Saints long enough to find Orrin?

Cullen is my favorite Loughman. He feels more approachable and playful than his older two brothers. I love how Cullen openly acknowledges and admires Mia’s abilities without feeling threatened but instead finds it incredibly attractive. I like that he feels comfortable around Mia, enough to confide all his past sins. What I adore the most about Cullen is his willingness to listen and consider the advice Mia gives him to help reconnect with his father and brother.

I loved Mia since the opening paragraph. She is everything I like in a heroine: tough-as-nails, self-sufficient, smart, and resourceful. Mia proves to be proficient in handling herself in a fight, yet she acknowledges her limitations when facing more than one man. I adore how Mia allows Cullen the needed opportunity to unburden his soul and finally talk with someone about his mother’s death. Yet, what I like most about Mia is her unselfish reasons to help Cullen become closer to his family.

THE PROTECTOR is the second book in Donna Grant’s romantic suspense series, SONS OF TEXAS. The events of the story begin concurrently with the first book, THE HERO, and I suspect with the third book, THE LEGEND. I enjoyed the unexpected twists the author integrates behind the scenes.

THE PROTECTOR is an action-packed and thrilling novel filled with interesting twists and unexpected turns. I cannot wait for Wyatt and Callie’s book. I hope the third book not only exposes The Saints but disclose who truly murdered the Loughman brothers’ mother.

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