The Risk of Rogues

  • Author Sabrina Jeffries
  • Release Date July 2, 2018
  • Publisher Pocket
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Raonaid

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Our Review

Captain Lord Hartley “Hart” Corry is the second son of the late Marquess of Knightford. He works as a spy for Spymaster Gregory Vyse, Baron of Fulkham. Hart arrives at his brother’s hunting lodge only to find his sister-in-law hosting a party. He is startled to discover his past love among her attendees. Hart intends to re-court Anne and win back her affections. What lengths will Hart go to marry Anne? Can he convince her to trust him without revealing his profession?

Lady Anne Barkley is the only daughter of the late Earl of Staunton. Her peers know Anne for her eccentric and elaborate hats. She attends a friend’s party to help raise money for a charity event. However, to her dismay, Anne finds Hart at the event. She has reservations about re-engaging their old relationship. Can Hart convince Anne to put their past behind them to start anew? Or will she let her uncertainty stand in the way of their happiness.

Hart’s clandestine profession requires him to encourage his peers to view him as an outgoing, gambling rascal. I like how he gives Anne the unvarnished truth rather than jeopardizing his chances with lying. I adore how defensive Hart got whenever Anne belittled her coloring or her size. He prefers her vibrant red hair and well-rounded size than petite, blonde debutantes. What I love the most about Hart is what he’s willing to do to assure Anne’s fears enough to marry him.

I adore the fact that Anne is not a dainty or petite woman. Instead, she is on the plump side. I wish more authors in all genres will consider writing more full rounded heroines. I understand Anne’s caution about re-engaging with Hart, especially learning about the hurdles the two encountered during their previous courtship. What I like most about Anne is how comfortable she is with her unique fashion sense. She cares little what society thinks of her unconventional hats.

THE RISK OF ROGUES is book 5.5 in Sabrina Jeffries historical romance series, SINFUL SUITORS. This charming short story can stand alone without reading the previous five books and two novellas. I love how the heroine from book three, THE DANGER OF DESIRE, and Fulkham, the hero from book five, THE SECRET OF FLIRTING, play important roles in the book. I also like the fact that the entire story takes place around Valentine’s Day.

THE RISK OF ROGUES is a sweet tale of correcting past mistakes for a second chance at love and happiness. I like how the author ends the series with Hart finding his happily-ever-after. Yet, I am sad that another delightful series has come to its conclusion.

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