The Rogue Of Fifth Avenue

  • Author Joanna Shupe
  • Release Date May 28, 2019
  • Publisher Avon Books
  • ISBN/ASIN 9780062906816/B07G13T6T5
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Michele Rioli

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Our Review

THE ROGUE OF FIFTH AVENUE is an adventurous, brisk and captivating romance story set at the turn of the century. The story stars a smart, hot attorney, Frank Tripp, who represents the rich families in the city. Frank grew up poor and had an abusive father but that didn’t stop him. Frank developed street skills as a youngster, went to school, worked hard, got a law degree and is known for solving the unsolvable. One rich family, the Greenes, he is their appointed attorney and is acquainted with the family.

Frank learns the eldest daughter, Mamie, a stunning beauty, is no stranger to danger. She flirts with it on occasion, so Frank has taken to spying on her, saving her behind, more than once. Recently, he spots her stealing from affluent men at a casino. To find out that she is filching money in casinos, what will her father think? Frank is going to have a heart attack! Actually, his pulse races when he is near her. He is intrigued with her bravery and captivated by her gorgeous beauty.

Mamie regularly pinches money from flush men to help out the poor families in the underprivileged areas of the city. Mamie doesn’t think about getting caught. Only, that she is helping out those who are less fortunate than her. Her father will have a fit if he finds out. But, Frank now knows what she is doing. Will she have to plead her case for him not to inform her father? Does Frank devise a plan to help her cause and win her love, even though she is promised to another?

THE ROGUE OF FIFTH AVENUE is truly irresistible! Frank Tripp, a dashing daredevil, skirts risks in his job. Recently, he is swept up in the affairs of one gorgeous gal, Mamie Greene. Strong-willed Mamie gets what she wants. Precisely, she wants to help out the needy in the city. I love her personality, generous to a fault, vivacious and clever. Frank falls for the brazen beauty and Mamie is smitten by him too. Even though she is engaged, hunkalicious Frank revs her engines. Does Mamie bend the rules and secretly spend time with Frank? Ms. Shupe expertly pens an intoxicating plot filled with deception, risks and danger. I fell in love with all the characters! THE ROGUE OF FIFTH AVENUE is a mixture of mayhem, suspense and romance. A sizzling good time!

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