The Uncompromising Lord Flint

  • Author Virginia Heath
  • Release Date January 1, 2019
  • Publisher Harlequin HIstorical
  • ISBN/ASIN 9781488047008
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Jo

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Our Review

Virginia Heath never disappoints, and once again I was engrossed from the first page to the last in one of her historical romances. This time it’s THE UNCOMPROMISING LORD FLINT, the second book in THE KING’S ELITE series. Set in England in the early 1800’s, the descriptions of the land and the sea were vivid and transported me there. I can’t wait to see what comes next in the series.

Ms. Heath’s books always have strong male characters, and stronger female characters that cause the males much confusion. This time is no different as Lady Jessamine causes much angst for Lord Flint, part of the King’s Elite. She’s being charged with treason by the Crown, but things are not always what they seem. As they butt heads over and over again, there are other feelings at play that neither one can afford to admit to.

There is much action and adventure as we travel from boat to land to inn to the moors and finally to Lord Flint’s family home, where his mother lives. His six sisters also live close by with their husband and children. Flint is the only one of his family who’s unmarried, and his sisters love to play matchmaker. As Jessamine’s actions are questioned by a lawyer for the Crown, there are a lot of revelations made that shed a different light on things. Does Jessamine have the information the King’s Elite needs to put the “Boss” out of commission with his treasonous actions? What of the others involved? Will Flint’s family home stand up as the fortress it’s been for hundreds of years?

The story flows nicely, and there are quite a few twists and turns to the plot. The characters have a depth to them but sometimes they wear their feelings on their sleeves. I liked the relationship Flint has with his mother and his sisters. As truths unfold, we get our promise of a happily ever after. There was nice closure, but there are definitely more stories to tell. I for one can’t wait for more!

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