The Untamed Vampire

  • Author Kate Baxter
  • Release Date May 2, 2017
  • Publisher St. Martin's Paperbacks
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Bev P

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Our Review

Chelle Daly is a vampire, but she did not become one in the usual way. Because of this, she has unusual abilities that make her different than the others around her. She has questions as to why she has these abilities and will stop at nothing trying to get answers to those questions. Even it if means breaking into a werewolf compound and stealing sacred documents that might provide the information she is desperately seeking.

Gunnar Falk is the Alpha of the Forkbeard pack. As the top dog, it’s his job to try and keep peace within the pack. Werewolves are pretty volatile, so keeping them in line is a full time endeavor. While other magical factions are fighting, he tries to keep his pack from getting involved. As long as they are not threatened, he thinks they should mind their own business. Imagine his surprise when he catches a gorgeous vampire trying to break into his safe. Vampires and werewolves do not share a mutual admiration, but he’s more than surprised when his inner wolf tells him that this vampire is his mate. No way, no how.

Chelle is stunned to meet Gunnar and immediately realizes she is tethered to him. How can this happen? He’s a dog. Can she use this to her advantage? Will he give her the information she seeks? And if so, can she trust him with her secrets?  

THE UNTAMED VAMPIRE by Kate Baxter was a great read. I don’t normally read paranormal books, but there is so much humor between Chelle and the werewolf pack, (yes, she is a bit of a smart aleck), that I found myself chuckling out loud. The love story unfolding between Chelle and Gunnar was fun to read as they struggled back and forth over who should be the leader in their romance.   

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