The White Spell

  • Author Lynn Kurland
  • Release Date October 4, 2016
  • Publisher Berkley
  • ISBN/ASIN 0425282201
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Raonaid

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Our Review

Acair of Ceangail is the illegitimate son of the Nine Kingdom’s most notorious black mage. He atones for his misdeeds by agreeing to go without his magic for an entire year. Grudgingly, Acair takes employment as a stable hand until the return of his magic. He notices the strangeness in the stables, especially the flame-haired girl’s aversion to the strange shadows cropping up throughout town. Acair and Liersinn escape murderous intents and flee together in search of the one person who can lift his magic ban. Can Acair protect Liersinn without the usage of magic? Will he learn who is behind the enigmatic shadows following Liersinn?

Leirsinn of Saraichte works in her rich uncle’s stables. She prefers horses to humans, understanding equines far better than the latter. Leirsinn notices the stable’s new hire is incompetent of the required work. She actively avoids walking in or near the mysterious shadows appearing randomly through the town. Leirsinn thwarts a plot on Acair’s life and accompanies him to escape her uncle’s nefarious plans. She knows nothing of the world outside of Saraichte and her stable home. Acair opens a whole new world to Leirsinn as they journey through the Nine Kingdoms.

Acair is the unlikeliest hero, so different from the usual standard types found in fantasy stories and movies. He is proud of his disreputable reputation and misdeeds, despite it coming back to haunt him during his impromptu adventure. Acair relies heavily on his roguish charm, biting wit, and suave mannerisms to get him and Liersinn out of many sticky situations. I like how he repeatedly insists on being evil only to foil his boasts by protecting Liersinn. What I love most about Acair is how he encourages Liersinn, in his subtle way, to be herself.

I adore the uniqueness and feel of Leirsinn’s name, and I am curious how it’s pronounced. She is a simple, no-nonsense miss, one who hates change and lives her life day-by-day. I admire her dedication in remaining close to her ailing grandfather and tolerating her uncle’s tyranny until she can earn enough money to support herself and her grandfather’s medical treatments. Acair allows Liersinn to explore the facets of her personality that she usually subdues around her uncle and his cronies. I like how she sees straight through Acair’s grandstanding to the generous heart he hides from the world.

THE WHITE SPELL is book ten in Lynn Kurland’s fantasy-romance series, NINE KINGDOMS. Sadly, I have not read any of the previous books in the series, something I eagerly anticipate to remedy once I finish the remainder of my review books. The story can standalone, however, I got the feeling I missed out on some key parts from the prior books, but nothing to hinder me from following the story line. I especially love how exquisitely the author weaves the romance into the story. It is neither sudden nor quick but a gradual maturing between the hero and heroine.

THE WHITE SPELL is a charming story of magic, sweet romance, and high adventure. Lynn Kurland adds a bardic flare to her storytelling and world-building that makes it irresistible. I cannot wait to read more of Acair and Leirsinn’s adventures throughout the Nine Kingdoms.


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