• Author Donna Grant
  • Release Date May 29, 2018
  • Publisher St. Martin's
  • ISBN/ASIN 1250109590
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Raonaid

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Our Review

Ulrik is the Dragon King of the Silvers. He vows vengeance on Constantine, the King of the Dragon Kings and his former friend, for banishing him eons ago. Before he can exact his revenge, Ulrik needs to contend with his conniving uncle. He persuades the tempting Eilish Flanagan from aiding his uncle any further. The powerful Druid provokes sentiments Ulrik thought long dead. Unexpected truths finally come to light. Can Ulrik trust Eilish not to betray him? Or will history repeat itself?

Eilish Flanagan is a Druid with extraordinary power. She owns and operates a bar in Ireland that is neutral ground for all supernatural beings. Eilish reluctantly agrees to help Mikkel in exchange for information about her missing mother. When Ulric offers her the same information, she breaks off all dealings with the malevolent dragon. Eilish learns the ugly truth behind her mother’s mysterious disappearance. Can Eilish convince Ulrik to give up on his need for vengeance? Or will he be her death?

I have been curious how the author planned to redeem Ulrik. He is not evil, just a wounded dragon wronged by the comrades he trusted and loved. I like how Ulric’s redemption is a slow and steady progress throughout the series, not instantaneous. But, what I adore the most about Ulric is how he tries to save Eilish from turning drough. He understands the allure of the darkness constantly courting her, so Ulric wants to spare her from crossing that line.

I love the feel and the uniqueness of Eilish’s name. Since I always found Gaelic names so beautiful, I looked up its pronunciation on-line. Eilish possesses all the traits I adore in heroines: cleverness, tenacity, and inward strength. I like the fact that she does not allow her weaknesses or shortcomings from getting what she wants. However, what I love the most about Eilish is how she has no intention of fixing Ulric. Instead, she understands him, especially why he behaves the way he does.

TORCHED is book thirteen in Donna Grant’s paranormal series, DARK KINGS. I like how the overall plot of the series is progressively coming to a climax. There are a few loose ends to be resolved. A new enemy and possible ally enters the picture.

TORCHED is a spellbinding tale of redemption while forgiving the past enough for a fresh start at love. I cannot wait to discover who Rhi’s mysterious Dragon King is. Also, I want the mighty Constantine to fall prey to his fated mate.

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