Under Your Skin

  • Author Shannyn Schroeder
  • Release Date June 28, 2016
  • Publisher Zebra Shout
  • ISBN/ASIN 9781420139495
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Michele Rioli

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Our Review

In Shannyn Schroeder’s new book, UNDER YOUR SKIN, life isn’t a bowl of cherries. Norah O’Malley learns this early in life when she is sent to live with her aunt when her mom dies. Her dad and brothers think it is a sensible choice at the time. Now, years later and expecting, Norah moves back home to live with her family. Norah hesitates when her brother nudges her to call her boyfriend and explain that he is a father. She dallies and puts off calling until later. Norah is lonely since her family isn’t into chatting or listening, so she is desperate for another person to talk too.

Norah visits the tattoo parlor where her brother works and meets a strong, surly tattoo artist named Kai, who is the owner. Wow! Kai makes Norah’s heart race when she is near him. Norah relishes her time with Kai, so she frequently sees him just to talk. It relieves her anxiety, having someone who will listen, and Kai really loves having Norah near. She is interested in his past, since he is so reserved. Actually, Kai is having trouble keeping his hands to himself because she is so beautiful. Then again, Norah doesn’t anticipate having such passionate feelings for a man so soon, but something about Kai is very special.

Kai’s home life growing up was rough. Plus, he was in and out of jail. He really likes Norah, but he is hesitant about getting romantic with her after learning about her situation. Kai has obligations, a business to run, a mother recuperating from surgery, and he positively does not want to settle down. He is getting his life together, so a relationship is out for now. However, when he learns Norah is studying to become a nurse, he asks her if she would like a job taking care of his mom. Norah accepts the offer, seizing the opportunity to learn about Kai’s history, since he is so distant. Will Norah ever get Kai to open up? This proves harder than she realizes.

UNDER YOUR SKIN is a realistic, roller-coaster love story with compromising situations. This story explores many tough life decisions such as pregnancy, caregiver duties, selfless acts of love, and a burgeoning romance that sputters and flutters. Norah’s pregnancy throws her for a loop, and she isn’t sure what to do since she isn’t married. Big, burly tattoo artist Kai learns that in order to grow as an individual, you have to open up sometimes to loved ones.

Will Kai and Norah take that next step, because they definitely are hot for one another? The author takes the reader on a journey through some scary emotional landmines. How Ms. Schroeder pulls it all off is a beautiful testament to her writing abilities. UNDER YOUR SKIN strikes a chord with its vulnerability and indomitable spirit. A dynamic, addictive ride!

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