Wait for It

  • Author Jenn McKinlay
  • Release Date August 10, 2021
  • Publisher Berkley
  • ISBN/ASIN 9780593101377
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Jo

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Our Review

WAIT FOR IT is a fast-paced read that has a good flow. There are a lot of storylines being woven together seamlessly. The main characters have a depth to them, and the supporting characters add another layer to the story. 

This is Nick and Annabelle’s story, and even though she has a short-term lease to rent the cottage on his property, at first, they aren’t destined to meet except through letters. And what interesting letters they are! Nick spells out all the things she can’t do while renting and living on his property. Their verbal interactions are often playful, other times heart-wrenching, and in the end, when they finally meet, steamy as well.

Annabelle relocates from Boston to Arizona—where she meets Nick—to become the creative director at a design firm. She has a lot of ideas but is used to freelance work, working on her own. Having a disgruntled team member who is doing everything he can to sabotage her is frustrating.

Nick has a lot of secrets. He’s retired from the company he created since he had a stroke. (Annabelle thinks he’s a curmudgeon and not someone close to her age since her friends don’t give her much info when they rent the cottage for her.) He’s very closed off, emotionally, and has a tough time connecting with his only family, whom he hasn’t seen in a long time. But he’s also extremely protective.

I enjoyed learning about the couples’ various friends and family members. There are a lot of beautiful descriptions about the setting, and the author does a wonderful job of making the relationships and romance come alive. The story has nice closure and a lovely happily ever after.

WAIT FOR IT is a terrific book that kept me engaged from the first page to the last, laughing, crying, and involved to see what Nick and Annabelle’s next interactions would be like.

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