Wild Country (World of the Others Book 2)

  • Author Anne Bishop
  • Release Date March 5, 2019
  • Publisher Ace
  • ISBN/ASIN 9780399587276
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by SJ

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Our Review

For outstanding urban fantasy that is never predictable and always entertaining, look no further than Anne Bishop. In WILD COUNTRY, the next addition to the bestselling World of the Others series, the incomparable Bishop has done it again.

This story takes place in Bennett, which has been reclaimed by the terra indigene–the Others. Humans are allowed to live there on the sufferance of those who don’t and won’t tolerate the ugly pettiness that got so many humans annihilated in the previous books. 

Note: this book is a standalone, though for maximum enjoyment, I highly recommend starting with LAKE SILENCE, and her Others series, which began with WRITTEN IN RED.

WILD COUNTRY follows the relationships between the newest human deputy, Jana Paniccia, her Wolfgard boss (the sheriff,) several Intuits (human psychics), and an intriguing mesh of Others and humans. Trouble’s coming in the form of the Blackstone Clan, and it will take all the efforts of Jana and the Others to keep the town safe, and to keep the dangerous Elders from coming in and taking over.

Anne Bishop’s creativity knows no bounds, and she deftly explores ideas of coexistence through relationships, weaving the paranormal with the normal. Good and bad are never black and white, and her world of gray gets more intriguing book by book.

I sincerely hope she keeps writing in this world, because each Others and World of the Others book she produces just gets better. For an urban fantasy different from all the rest that will leave you turning the pages until it’s done, try WILD COUNTRY. 

Recommended Read!

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