Wishing For Us: A Danvers Novel

  • Author Sydney Landon
  • Release Date November 1, 2016
  • Publisher Berkley
  • ISBN/ASIN 978-0399583209
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by B Poston

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Our Review

Lydia Cross wakes up to a pounding headache and upset stomach. She literally falls out of bed in her rush to get to the bathroom. As she is worshipping the porcelain throne, she hears a voice whispering soothingly to her. She quickly realizes it belongs to Jacob Hay, the man she has been fantasizing about the last several months. What is he doing here?

As Jacob stands before her in his underwear, looking at her (man is he hot), she realizes she is stark naked. Grabbing a robe, she glares at him as he calmly walks into the bedroom and orders breakfast. (Wait a minute, this is not her room.)

Her memories of the night before are very fuzzy. She is in Las Vegas attending a bachelorette party for her friend, Crystal. She remembers Crystal’s fiance showing up with his friends. There was drinking, dancing, uh oh… Oh My Goodness… Looking at the twinkling diamond on her left hand, she sort of remembers getting married.

This starts the love story between Lydia and Jacob. They have known each other for a while but have never dated. They now find themselves married. The attraction between them is intense, but is that enough of a reason for them to stay married?

Lydia loved and lost her fiance to illness three years ago. It was devastating and she is afraid to love again. Jacob has an adorable daughter he dearly loves, but her mother enjoys causing him pain and is now threatening to sue him for sole custody unless he gives her what she wants. He is afraid to trust. Trying to work through these issues while learning about each other has them struggling to find their way.

WISHING FOR US by Sydney Landon is full of heat, humor, and romance. But the highlight for me was when the ladies of Danver got together. Nothing is sacred, and I found myself laughing out loud over their crazy comments and observations. They sound like my girlfriends and I when out partying. I felt like one of their group.

I understand this is the last book in the Danvers Series. I hope folks will read the first 8 books which are as fun as this one. Sydney Landon is a talented author, and I eagerly look forward to seeing what her next writing will be.


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