Spotlight—Kim Sakwa

Kim Sakwa

Kim Sakwa lives in Michigan. She is the author of the time travel romances, THE PROPHECY and NEVER SAY GOODBYE. Hoping on occasion to fall through time herself, she settled on creating these stories instead. Kim loves coffee, walking, and listening to music. When not writing, you can find her walking the hills of her subdivision, listening to the soundtracks that she creates for her novels. She’s a hopeless romantic, hooked on happily ever after.

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The Prophecy is Scottish time travel romance at its most magical. Gorgeous and driven, Dr. Gwendolyn Reynolds falls through time and into the arms of Greylen MacGreggor, the fierce 16th-century Highland laird she’s fated to save.

Praise for The Prophecy

“What a great read from start to finish. The book had twist and turns that always kept me interested and turning those pages to find out what happens next. Gwen and Greylen are truly the power couple from the 16th century. Best book I have read all year. Look forward to reading more books by Kim Sakwa.” –L.A., Goodreads User

“I love time travel romances with huge hunky highlanders and this one did not disappoint.” –Amazon Reviewer

 “The book is full of smart banter between the characters and has a great steamy scene.” –Liz, Goodreads User


The Prophecy by Kim Sakwa

She’s a surgeon with a future. He’s a Scottish laird in the past. Will their love be a timeless treasure or an eternal curse?

Dr. Gwendolyn Reynold’s career path is secure…so why does she feel so restless? Haunted by recurring sensuous dreams, she breaks away on a soul-searching trip to coastal Scotland. But when a storm forces her off the road, she plunges into icy waters, only to resurface in the arms of a handsome highlander.

Scotland, 1536. Fierce and feared, Laird Greylen MacGreggor has yet to meet his match. Eagerly awaiting the woman foretold in prophecy, he never expects her to be a 21st-century stunner with a feisty temper. But when he rescues her from the icy waters behind Seagrave Castle, his first touch confirms that Gwen is his destiny.

As sparks fly between the unlikely pair, they discover their passionate fate could be both powerful and deadly. Can Gwen and Greylen overcome centuries of differences to find true love?



It took Gwen thirty seconds to realize something was wrong. Very wrong. Besides the fog filling her head, it was completely dark. She couldn’t open her eyes.

Those were the thoughts that occurred within the first ten seconds.

In the next ten, she became aware of the fact she was one giant bruise, some areas more severe than others. Those were the wrong seconds.

The very wrong were the last ten.

That was when she felt warmth beneath her cheek, breath upon her head, and large hands spanning her back. Holding her with both tenderness and possession. Sure she was fully conscious but affected by an adverse reaction to her IV, she reached for the nurse’s call button. The arms around her tightened, accompanied by a calming whisper.

It was so reassuring, this touch and sound, that she snuggled deeper into the embrace. Indulging in sensations completely foreign to her, she felt safe and protected.

Then she felt panic. My God, she felt fear.

She pushed away with all her strength, scrambling for the edge of the bed, each move hurting more than the last. Each breath she tried desperately to take wasn’t quite deep enough. Those same large hands covered her shoulders, gentle on top of her thick bandages.

Then everything came back at once.

Losing control of the truck. The mudslide as she plunged into the ocean. The explosion of the airbags. Pushing through the window. Jagged glass tearing her skin. Fighting to swim to shore. Wave after relentless wave. Defeat.

“Who…?” Gwen tried to catch her breath. Her hands moved forward and stopped against his chest. Smooth, warm skin. Hard muscles beneath her palms and fingers. He was a brick wall—an enormous brick wall. Terrified by the sheer size of the giant who sat in front of her on her bed, in her bed, she pushed back.


That one word, spoken with gentle authority, shocked her. Cease? Who said cease? And who said it like that? A voice so deep, a timbre so rich. It seemed familiar but… “Who”—she took a short breath—“are…” Larger gasps followed.

“Breathe,” he demanded in the same tone. “In… out…” He continued his litany, but Gwen couldn’t seem to follow. “Good God, not again.” It sounded like a curse and a sigh. Then strong lips covered her open mouth. Warm and determined, he stole her breath.

Then he gave it back.

Calm. Steady. Even.

The hands that covered her shoulders moved. One palmed her head, long fingers holding her steady until her breathing matched his own. The other splayed her chest, directly over her heart, as if willing the erratic beat to slow.

It beat the hell out of a paper bag.

He pulled back. But his mouth drew upon her lips, ending his unconventional first aid with what could only be a kiss.