Spotlight—Risky Restoration by E. F. Dodd

A fan of all things Halloween, but terrified of scary movies. Lover of fresh flowers, with the notable exception of carnations. Don’t expect a woman to be flattered by the same flowers you paid $1.00 for back in junior high on Valentine’s Day. I’m a true romantic, which is to say I find flaws unexpectedly beautiful and think life is at its best during the in between moments you don’t find on FaceBook or Instagram. I’m lucky enough to share my life with someone who agrees reclaimed is better than new, antiques always trump contemporary and it’s a close call who should be saved first from a burning building – us, or our English Bulldog. I’m new to the writing game, but I love it and the respite it provides not just me, but also, I hope, my readers.

Series info

This is the first of a trilogy, starring the main three characters you meet in Risky Restoration. Kez, Rae and V are all faced with varying challenges of dating in the twenty-first century. From holding on to old feelings brought to the forefront by FaceBook, to deciphering what exactly that emoji means, to navigating the minefield of careers and relationships, the one thing all three of them can count on is each other. Their friendship is the foundation of the series, and it allows each of them to build their lives in a way that wouldn’t be possible without the love and support provided by their friendship.


Booklife Reviews – “With characters who are larger than life yet imminently relatable, Risky Restoration blends the best of escapist reading with heart and substance. Kez’s life seems to be great, except for her singular inability to find the right partner. Not only is her lack of a love life driving her around the bend, figuring out why has become her obsession. Then Jackson appears, tripping all of her triggers. Thus begins the slightly madcap adventure which, at times, edges toward over-the-top, yet always just this side of plausible.”

Kirkus Review – “[H]igh on entertaining drama, dialogue, and hot romance”

Clarion Foreword – “A well-maintained balance of informative, funny dialogue and engaging sensual scenes result in the perfect pace. Conflicts lead to uncertainty in vital moments, but the romantic resolution is satisfying, marked by humor and hope.” ⅘ stars

Blue Ink Review – “The author expertly weaves together humor and heart to create an engaging novel sure to satisfy romance readers.”


Risky Restoration by E. F. Dodd


Typing your ex’s name into a search engine is always a crapshoot. But like any gamble, it can pay off big if you find out the idiot who left you is now thirty pounds overweight and missing a tooth. The downside is that you could find out the worthless S.O.B. is still attractive and, even worse, getting married to someone else.

Kez Walsh should’ve cashed out when her last search turned up nothing on her ex, Miller Thompson. But, instead, she goes all in after yet another failed attempt at dating and moving on. Only this time, she turns up a wedding website featuring Miller and his new bride. How is it possible for him to have moved on to the point of marriage while she’s still mired in dating hell? What better way to answer that question than to crash his upcoming high school reunion?

Through a combination of tequila and groveling, she convinces her two best friends to join her on the trip. Only she doesn’t count on meeting sexy and successful Jackson on their first night there. He isn’t spooked by her unorthodox reason for being in town, and doesn’t hesitate to let Kez know he’s the man she needs. Jackson, and her undeniable and unexpected attraction to him, means Kez has to choose between hanging on to the past, or finally moving on.




“Kez,” he said.


He moved closer, his arm stealing around my waist. On its own accord, my hand drifted to his shoulder. Under my fingertips, the soft cotton of his T-shirt stretched taut over toned muscle.

“I had a lot of fun tonight,” he said.

I squeezed his shoulder, his amazingly firm shoulder. “So did we. Thanks for inviting us.” “Kez, I …” His words drifted off.

“You what?” I asked, the question coming out as a whisper.

We stood inches apart, our bodies almost touching. With one gentle press of his hand, I’d be flush against him, a not-altogether-unpleasant possibility.

“I think you know that I’m attracted to you.” He hesitated. “Believe it or not, I have picked up on that.”

Muscles flexed beneath my hand as he rolled his shoulders, as if readying himself for the next part of the conversation. “I know you’ve got your own reasons for being up here that have nothing to do with me. And I’m sorry that you went through all that with your ex.”



And with that, just like the Holy Ghost at a Catholic high school dance, Miller Thompson wedged himself between us. I cleared my throat. “Yeah, well, I …”

Jackson didn’t let me finish. “What I’m trying to say is that while I’m sorry that happened to you, I’m also glad it did because it brought you here. And without that happening, I wouldn’t be here …” There was a heavy pause, then he said, “with you.”

Now, normally I’m not a woman prone to swooning. Largely because it’s not 1862, and I don’t wear corsets, well, at least not out in public. However, between his words and his touch, I was dangerously close to needing a fainting couch.

“Jackson, I …”

He smiled and brushed a kiss across my cheekbone. “Good night, Kez.” Dropping his hands to his sides, he stepped back. “I think your friends are waiting for you.”

Rae and V stood at the elevators, making no attempt to disguise the fact they were watching us. “Er, yes, right, well then, good night.” I stepped away but looked back. “I’ll see you, later?”

Still smiling, he said, “Oh, you can count on it.” He walked away, and I stared after him because any guy whose ass filled out jeans that well had to be watched and appreciated. I hated to see him go, but I couldn’t help enjoying the view as he did.