Ride the Storm by Karen Chance
Just the thing by Marie Harte

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Zoe Blake’s CAPTIVE

Captive by Zoe Blake

CAPTIVE by Zoe Blake Captain Jacques “Le Chanceux” (The Lucky) Tavernier is a pirate. He is not the bastard son of a wealthy duke, or some tortured hero in disguise on a noble quest. He is a pirate. He does and takes what he wants… and he wants Isabelle. Isabelle is getting very tired of...

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Forever in Good Hope by Cindy Kirk

Planning a Fake Engagement by Cindy Kirk In my latest release, Forever in Good Hope, Delphinium (Fin) Bloom and Jeremy Rakes find themselves thrust into a fake engagement. Their engagement is complicated by the fact that Fin is engaged to another man. Planning a Fake Engagement by Cindy Kirk In my latest release, Forever in...

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Magpie’s Song Review 4.5 Hearts!

Magpies Song by Allison Pang

Raonaid gives MAGPIE’S SONG 4.5 Hearts!  Raggy Maggy, aka Magpie, is a Moon-Child, a supposed unwanted child of a BrightStone woman and a Meridian male. She collects scrap in the desolate wastelands of the Warrens for her clan. Maggy stumbles upon a strange clock-work dragon and a dead Meridian male. The dragon’s presence heralds all...

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Time Changes Everything by Melinda Dozier

Time Changes Everything by Melinda Dozier

TIME CHANGES EVERYTHING by Melinda Dozier Amanda Larson is dedicated to her job and doesn’t want to make time for anything else. Until she runs into Jake Edwards. He used to be the cute boy next door; now he’s a sexy, big shot lawyer. Jake Edwards isn’t interested in commitment. He’s successful, sexy, and single–and...

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