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Really Different People*

My mother passed away earlier this summer, and over the last couple of months, as my brothers and I sorted through her collection of photographs, old letters and the like, we cried and laughed as we remembered why she’d chosen to keep one item or another close to her. Clearing out her small bookcase was...

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The Joys of a First Novel: The Infinite Instant (Paranormal)

Hello, everyone.  I’m honored to be a guest blogger at Romance Junkies.  What a lot of great stuff is out there on this site! Not just for readers, but for writers, too. So a bit of background.  My first novel, The Infinite Instant, won the 2009 EPPIE Award in March.  It straddles several genres: paranormal, hard-boiled detective, romance, science fiction and...

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Breaking the Rules

by Brenda Gayle (  A while ago, I took a grammar course for business writing professionals. I had been out of high school for more years than I care to admit and although I wrote professionally for various not-for-profit associations, I felt I needed a refresher to prepare for the new editing responsibilities I was...

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