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Wedding Hunt

On Tuesday I had a release whose topic was about weddings. The book is called Forever, I Do and I co-authored it with Koko Brown. It was released by Loose Id as part of their Marriage for All theme. The book features a wedding cake designer and planner. This release was very timely since I...

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Crossing Lines

I love crossing lines. Hi, my name is Rhonda Lee and I’m an erotica writer. One of the things I love most about writing erotica is pushing limits and crossing lines. I’m also a fan of crossing genres. My first erotica novel, The Duchess, is a historical BDSM novel. It crossed lines, genre and otherwise....

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Chatty Heroes With Kimber Chin

There is a myth that men don’t talk. I don’t know who started it (likely some chatty guy) but it is SO not true. At least not for all men. Believe me, I know. I’m happily married to a salesguy. He talks. And talks. And talks. He talks in his sleep, he talks through movies,...

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Romance and the Job Interview

By Guest Blogger Shelia M. Goss I want to thank Romance Junkies for being one of my stops during my Invisible Love tour. I know you’re probably wondering: what does romance have to do with doing a job interview?  Well, in my upcoming book His Invisible Wife it has a lot to do with Brianna...

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Good Day Romance Junkies!

Well Howdy there and how are ya?! Before I start, I wanted to give a huge thank you to Romance Junkies for the opportunity to be here! So lets get this bloggin’ started!  I’m Mila Ramos and welcome! Just to give everyone a little background about myself, I’m a Paranormal & Contemporary Romance Author.  My...

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