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Burned Hearts

Burned Hearts by Calista Fox

Newly pregnant Ari Bax is happily married to one of the most powerful billionaires on the planet, Dane. Their love is strong and all encompassing, and while still in their first year of marriage, the two can’t seem to stay away from each other. However, Dane’s involvement with a rogue Illuminati “secret society” means the...

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The Greatest Risk

The Greatest Risk by Kristen Ashley

Simone has a hard time connecting to anyone. She hides within herself and distances herself from everyone and everything. She prefers to be an observer in the world and watch people.  She hides a darker secret.  Simone wants to be dominated.  It is something she keeps hidden for fear that once unleashed it will be something...

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The Howling

The Howling by Erin McCarthy

THE HOWLING by Erin McCarthy is a paranormal, erotic novella that’s entertaining for a fun, quick read. Liv Lugaru keeps having nightmares about wolves chasing her. She wonders if it’s her pending nuptials to the man who doesn’t quite make her heart race. But it’s not his fault; his brother, Sebastian, her once true love,...

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Any Way She Wants It

Any Way She Wants It by Jasmine Haynes

Jasmine Haynes has a winner in book six of the West Coast series, ANY WAY SHE WANTS IT. I immediately fell in love with widower David Farris. A good, kind, responsible man, he struggles over the loss of his wife and helps his grown children through their grief at the expense of his own needs....

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