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"Writer" Cindi Myers

Hi, I’m Cindi Myers and I’m a writer.  Do you think it’s merely coincidence that these sort of introductions sound as if they should take place at a 12-step meeting? While I don’t think of my writing as a destructive disease, I’ll admit it has been a life-changing obsession. And if I happened to mention...

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Welcome Guest Blogger Cindi Myers!!!!

Welcome to Thursday, the week is almost over and I for one can’t for the weekend. To get a us started a little early we have Cindi Myers joining us. She’ll be discussing her writing career and sharing with us her newest release A SOLDIER COMES HOME. Please help us give Cindi a warm Romance Junkies Welcome. Cindi...

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Monthly Blogger CJ England!!

Hey all, Thanks to Romance Junkies for allowing me to become a monthly guest blogger. You’ll see my posts at the end of every month on the 30th.  I love to chat with my readers and I really enjoy spending time at RJ.  And of course, the reviews here are always a treat.                                                                                             . Today I...

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Welcome Guest Blogger C.J. England!!!

Howdy Romance Junkies!!! It seems like forever since I’ve been here rather than a week. Today we have CJ England joining us. I can’t think of a better way to end the week and the beautiful month of May then with her first monthly column. So look for CJ to be joining us here the...

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Promoting the Muse by Emily Veinglory

I love writing books, I even quite like editing them, I enjoying getting the cover art, and nothing makes me happier than hearing from readers. But promotion?  I was raised to think bragging just wasn’t very nice.  “Hey, here is my book, it’s great, buy it now.  Excuse me while I crawl under thus desk...

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