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Mr. Webster might not approve

Language is always evolving, and we writers are naturally inclined toward playing with words. So a few of my writing pals and I have created our own writing dictionary. It gives us laughs when we need them, and some shortcut words we use in our critiques. I’ll share this entry: plotsticker – n. a mental pitstop regarding a particular...

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While the cat's away contest… by Delilah Devlin

I’m away at Lora Leigh’s Readers Appreciation Weekend (RAW 2008), but I pre-posted this to make sure I wouldn’t miss spending time with you. I’ve been running a contest on my blog while I’m gone. The rules are as follows: This contest runs Thursday through Monday. You may post as often as you like but...

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Unlock the Secrets of Love in the Outback by Romona Hilliger

ROMONA HILLIGER  Author of Romantic Suspense, set in the untamed regions of Australia’s Northern Territory.  ——————–  Hello to everyone First off, a little about, Romona At this point in time, I live in the southern states of Australia. We have all four seasons here and right now, it’s Spring.  In the Northern Territory of Australia, which is...

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Romancing the RJ Blog with Phaze Books

Somewhere in this rambling post is a discount code for our website! Hello, RJ readers! I am Kathryn Lively, publisher of Phaze Books, and I thank the good folks of Romance Junkies for allowing me the time to blog today. I’d like to thank our readers, too, for making 2008 one of our best years...

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Are Torrid Love Scenes Unrealistic Romance?

HI RJ Blogging Community! Amanda McIntyre coming at you from a very cool and gray day in Iowa. Fall has always been one of my favorite times and this year is particularly special as it is the debut of my erotic historical, DIARY OF COZETTE (Harlequin Spice) Set during the white slave trade era of London...

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