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Where the Pieces Fall by Blue Saffire

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Celtic Romance by Cornelia Amiri

Just as some of our fondest memories are of dating and weddings, courtship and betrothal was just as special to the ancient Celts. Love and marriage was so important to the Celts that they had more types of recognized marriages than any other culture. Under the Brehon (Brehoon) laws of Ireland, there were not one,...

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Welcome Guest Blogger Cornelia Amiri

Well it’s snowing here in PA and the cold always make mewant to cuddle up with a romance and get lost in another place or time. So what a better day then today for Cornelia to be joining us. She’ll be discussing Celtic Marriages and their customs. So join us for promises to be a informative...

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Writing Challenge

 Welcome to the new writing challenge page on the Romance Junkies Blog. It doesn’t matter if you are counting pages, words, or the amount of time you write, but here you can put your goals and keep track of them. You can even send a challenge to a buddy and keep track of each other....

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Writing the Series Romance by Charlotte Hughes

One thing I enjoy most about writing a series is that you don’t have to let go of your characters so quickly. I get really attached to some of my characters while writing my book.  (Yes, I know they’re not real; I don’t send them Christmas or birthday gifts.)  But while I’m working on a book,...

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Welcome Guest Blogger Charlotte Hughes!!!

Well it’s Monday, the kids are back to school and the work week begins anew. Today the junkies welcome author Charlotte Hughes. She taken time from her busy writing schedule to talk about series writing. For now here’s a bit about Charlotte and her upcoming release WHAT LOOKS LIKE CRAZY Charlotte Hughes was raised in...

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