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When Immortals Are Dark…

The third book in my Immortal Series is out this week, and I have to tell you how excited I am about it. It’s my favourite book to date—although the one I’m writing now looks like it just might take that spot before it’s done—and that really took me by surprise, probably because I hadn’t...

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Emily Bryan's Love & Laughter

       Happy Valentines Day! Thanks for having me here, Romance Junkies! If you’ve been following my 50day/50blog VEXING THE VISOUNT Tour for a while, you’ll want to “favorite” this site. If you’re new to my tour, welcome! Let me introduce myself. I’m Emily Bryan and I write light-hearted, sexy historicals for Leisure Books—and these days,...

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Wedding Hunt

On Tuesday I had a release whose topic was about weddings. The book is called Forever, I Do and I co-authored it with Koko Brown. It was released by Loose Id as part of their Marriage for All theme. The book features a wedding cake designer and planner. This release was very timely since I...

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Ever have a voice in the distance regions of you mind call out, beckon to be heard, demand you take some course, but the sounds are confusing, unclear. You can make out a few words, but the pending intent is obscured so you ignore it. For years, I felt that yearning, heard indecipherable echoes, until...

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Valentine's Day: More than Chocolate

Don’t you agree? And could someone please tell my husband, who stood in line at the local candy store amidst a crowd of sick and coughing chocolate-buyers today so he could cross “heart-shaped box of dark nuts and coconut bonbons” off his to-do list? …or maybe not, because hi, my name is Emily Ryan-Davis and...

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