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Welcome Guest Blogger Lisa Logan!!!

Well I’m still not sure what occured to have Lisa’s Blog disappear, but I have it back now and we will repost it.  She’ll be picking a winner soon. Thank you for your patience and once again here’s LISA LOGAN!! WORST QUERY LETTER EVER  My mother always told me I like to learn things the hard...

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Welcome Back Guest Blogger Leila Brown!!!!!

Giving Back  Most people want to do this. They feel a compelling force telling them to repay the niceties that they were shown. As a romance writer I feel this coming from several different directions. I want to give back to an industry that has seen me through some hard times. Real life is not...

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Welcome Guest Blogger Cindy K. Green!!!

A Story that Wrote Itself Last spring (2007) while I was in the midst of edits for my full-length novel, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Your Wedding, I itched to write something new. Anyone who’s edited a large novel knows how insane it can be, and I just needed to get away...

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RJ Blog Winners

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Winner Terry Odell Guest Blogger! You will receive a copy of Terry’s Starting Over Peggy ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Winner Isabelle Kane Guest Blogger! You will receive a copy of Isabelle’s One Last Farewell Peppie ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Winner Ciar Cullen Guest Blogger! You will receive a download of Ciar’s Key West Magic Laura ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Winner NJ Walters Guest Blogger! Your choice of one of NJ’s holiday themed titles Unmasking...

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Welcome Guest Blogger Grace Tyler!!!!

It’s Thursday and the weekend is almost here. The kids are out for summer break and it’s my favorite time to read. Just thinking about sitting by the pool with a good book and an icy drink while the kids swim brings a smile to my face.  Today’s blogger reminds of that summer reading I...

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