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Creating Images for series

The year is already flying by. I’m excited about the opportunities coming to my career this year. I’ve been playing catch up. Getting back into my writing schedule. Some of my friends tease me about always changing my writing calendar. Yeah I have one. I’m an organization freak. LOL. The good thing about having a...

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A Prize for your thoughts….

Hey there! I need feedback/opinion from readers…. I am working on a new vampire tale, one that is set in Italy, and features a very sexy Sicilian Prince as the hero. I’m trying something new, combining two mediums in essence, prose and poetics to bridge the scenes, so I’d like you to look at this...

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Milestone of the 1st

Since today is my 1st time as a guest blogger for Romance Junkies what better topic than 1st’s. I’m very excited to be a regular monthly blogger at RJ. I’ll be blogging here every month on the 28th . This past year I had a few 1st milestones. First book contract. First publisher. First editor....

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Have a very merry, and tolerant, holiday season!

Hi! I’m Sharie Silva. Thanks Romance Junkies for letting me blog today. One of the great things about this world is the varying ways people celebrate this holiday season. It saddens me when people nitpick the wording used or when they discount someone else’s traditions. It’s enough for me to know that we are all...

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