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RJ Review Staff Blue Ribbon Favorites for the Summer!

THE RED SCARF by Kate Furnivall, Berkley 5 Ribbons from RJ “Kate Furnivall’s book, THE RED SCARF, is a stunning narrative of loyalty, romantic love, and fear of betrayal. Anna’s tender-hearted reaction to care for Sophia during her time of need, and strong-willed Sophia’s loyalty toward Anna brought tears to my eyes. I was swept...

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Dream Job…and a Contest! — by Delilah Devlin

I’ve been hard it for nearly two months, running toward multiple deadlines. I have 100 pages to go on the last contract, and I have to be done by September 1st. My whole focus has been on making page count. I’m late paying bills, haven’t returned phone calls to family and friends, and have hit...

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Welcome Guest Blogger Sheila M. Goss

Happy Friday!!! Help us welcome Sheila to the Junkies blog! The Love Affair By Shelia M. Goss The relationship between a writer and a reader can equate to a love affair.First it’s the courting period. Before the first date, the writer must introduce themselves and their book title. The title should be catchy; something easy...

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Welcome Back Guest Blogger Taige Crenshaw!!!

The Emotion of Writing By Taige Crenshaw I had another interesting discussion the other day. Okay I’ll admit it was more of a debate. It was concerning a book a mutual friend and I had both read. She didn’t like and I loved it. That led to a long debate of us both listing out...

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