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Welcome Guest Blogger Michele Lang!!!

Today we welcome Michele Lang to our little corner of the World Wide Web. While we wait for her blog topic I thought we should share a little about her boook NETHERWORLD.    There’s a new sheriff on the planet of Fresh Havens…  And her name is Talia Fortune.  Her mission:  capture the cyber outlaw, Kovner,...

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Welcome Guest Blogger Kelley Heckart!!!!

Good Morning Junkies!! Today we welcome Kelley Heckart. She’ll be talking aboutr Celtic Men, A yummy topic for sure. She also has available a new book that looks simply fabulous. Let’s check out IN THE GLOAMING and learn a little bit more about Kelley’s writing. Though Kelley resides on the earthly realm with her husband and...

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Welcome Guest Blogger Shirley Tallman!!!

Happy Monday. I hope everyone had a fabulous Easter!! Today we’re joined by Shirley Tallman. Rather than have me try to describe Shirley and her work she’s going to take the reigns. So with out further ado here’s Shirley. Hi Romance Junkies!  What a delight it is to visit the Romance Junkies website! I’ve been...

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A Confession by Emily McKay

I have a confession to make. I’ve never blogged before. Not even once.The truth is, I don’t have a very bloggable life. So if you’re expecting stories of my latest shopping spree at Nordstroms during which I spent thousands of dollars on shoes … well, you’re going to be disappointed. See, I’m a mom. And...

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