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Welcome Guest Blogger Kelly Kirch!!!

I can’t believe that Easter is almost here. Spring has sprung, thank goodness! Well it’s Friday and today we have Kelly Kirch joining us for the day. Kelly will be blogging about her critique group and how they help her in the writing process. But before we get to Kelly. let’s learn a bit more about...

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From Agony to Ecstasy by Taylor Kincaid

Hi, I’d like to introduce myself.  Most people know me as Lanette Kissel.  But, when I write, I usually go by the pen name of Taylor Kincaid.  I chose my pen name to honor my heritage.  Taylor is my father’s family name, and Kincaid is my mothers.   I started writing about six years ago. ...

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Welcome Guest Blogger Taylor Kincaid!!!

Happy Wednesday Junkies!!   Today we are joined by author Taylor Kincaid and she’ll be sharing her road to publication with us as well as a little about her release DREAMS OF DESTINY.   So crab a cup of coffee, tea or whatever else might start you day off right an join us as we...

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Masks by NJ Walters!!!

According to Webster’s Dictionary a mask is: 1. A covering or partial cover for the face used for disguise. 2. A figure of a head worn on the stage in antiquity to identify the character and project the voice. 3. A grotesque false face worn at carnivals or in rituals. 4. Something that serves to...

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Welcome Back Guest Blogger NJ Walters!!

Happy Monday Junkies!!!!! Today we welcome not only a fabulous author, but a woman I gladly call friend. I remember the first time I ever found out who N.J. was, I’d just read Annabelle Lee and I met her on the publisher’s chat loop. Since then I’ve watched and read as she has published multiple...

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