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Welcome Guest Blogger Lila Dupres!!!!!

HAPPY MONDAY!!!! For some reason this Monday seems better than most. I usually dread getting up and even though I’m still sick I feel preety darnn happy it’s Monday. If I were a betting woman I would think it had something to do with today’s blog guest. Lila Dupres is joining us and she’ll be discussing romance and her release ALL...

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Welcome Guest Blogger Ashlyn Chase!!!!

Long time no posting my romance loving friends. We at the Romance Junkies Blog have certainly missed you. Today we have Ashlyn Chase joining us and I for one can’t help but smile knowing she’s here today. Ashlyn writes erotic romance was a splash of humor and over the top heroines. She makes sexy fun. So stick...

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Welcome Guest Blogger Sami Lee!!!

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!!! TGIF Today we have author Sami Lee joining us. Aside from having written the cleverly named book BORN AGAIN VIRGIN she’s held such varying jobs I tend to think there’s nothing she can’t do. Sami is generously giving away a copy of BORN AGAIN VIRGIN to a radom poster who correctly answers her...

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