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Welcome Guest Blogger Charlotte Hughes!!!

Well it’s Monday, the kids are back to school and the work week begins anew. Today the junkies welcome author Charlotte Hughes. She taken time from her busy writing schedule to talk about series writing. For now here’s a bit about Charlotte and her upcoming release WHAT LOOKS LIKE CRAZY Charlotte Hughes was raised in...

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Writing Holiday Romances by Karen Rose Smith

Hi everyone! I’m so glad to be among my readers at RJ again. You always have interesting comments and questions for me. Some of them I even pass on to my editor! Like which of my covers are your favorite, etc. Today I thought I’d start off with talking about my favorite holiday of the...

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Welcome Guest Blogger Karen Rose Smith!!!!

Today the Junkies welcome Karen Rose Smith. Karen will be discussing a topic near and dear to all of us. The Holidays! You can’t deny that a well written holiday tale can add to the excitement of the holidays and even provide us with a little escape from the hectic times before. So curl up...

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Welcome Guest Blogger Debbie Wallace!!!

Joining us today is Debbie Wallace. She’s here to answer your questions and discuss her new book IT’S ALL IN THE JEANS. So take a minute and check out this up and coming author. It’s your opportunity to ask an author all those questions you are dying to know the answers to. Debbie has wanted...

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A Rose By Any Other Name by Bryn Colvin

One of the things that will immediately turn me off a book, is an inappropriate collection of names. It’s a real pet hate of mine. Some writers seem entirely unaware of the fact that names are culturally, geographically and historically specific. Celts, Mediaeval Britons, and Regency nobles did not have the kinds of names that...

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