Rogue Most Wanted by Janna MacGregor
Project Duchess by Sabrina Jeffries

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Welcome Guest Blogger Marci Baun!!!

Happy Thursday!!!! Today we welcome the Editor in Chief of Wild Child Publishing and Freyas Bower Ms. Marci Baun. It’s a great pleasure to have her here and to share with you information on theoir new anthology and how it will benefit battered woman.  PLease help us welcome Marci and here’s a little about her...

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What's in a Wrapper? by Nancy A. Lindley-Gauthier

Admit it, you write YA (young adult)  fiction, probably because  (now this would be admitting) you  also enjoy reading it?  Oh, stop squirreling away that ancient copy of “King of the Wind.”  Rowling made it ok for us adults to read kid stuff. I don’t even bother to rent a neighbor’s kid to go see a Disney movie anymore.So, you love this...

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Welcome Guest Blogger Nancy A. Lindley-Gauthier!!!!

Happy Monday and welcome to March!! We have Nancy A. Lindley-Gauthier to start off the month.  For now here’s a peek at her YA release Perwinkle Way and a little about Nancy as well. Lindley-Gauthier is the outdoorsy sort, who, hobbit-like, enjoys wandering dark forest paths.  She trail rides her horses not far from New Hampshire’s White Mountains. She...

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Welcome Guest Blogger Maggie Toussaint!!

Happy Friday Junkies!!! I have to say that I for one am proud to be a romance fan, especially when an author like Maggie comes along. So many of the genre’s authors take advantage of their public persona to support a worthyt cause and Maggie is no different. Maggie has generously donated all the proceeds...

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