Rogue Most Wanted by Janna MacGregor
Project Duchess by Sabrina Jeffries

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Wine and Romance with Michele Scott

Good Morning Junkies!!! Today we have Michele Scott with us and she is gonna to take us on tour of wine. I for one agree that a good glass of wine with the one you love is romantic and relaxing. Michele is well versed on thew topic of wine since she writes a the WINE...

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Dialogue and You by Aline de Chevigny

I’ve thought about what I should blog about for weeks. So I warn you now, I’m not very good at this. LOL After much consideration I decided to discuss dialogue and description. I know a lot of authors who have difficulty with dialogue, they stress over it. Agonize over every word their characters utter. I...

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Welcome Guest Blogger Aline de Chevigny!!!

Happy Wednesday Junkies!!! Today we are joined by Aline de Chevigny, she’s discussing dialogue and description. Her release THE RAVENSON PROJECT: CHRONICLES OF THE CURSED book 2 is avaliable now at Aspen Mountain Press.  So sit back and join us for a little about Aline and her novel as well as a excerpt from it....

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Satisfaction Guaranteed by Isabelle Drake!

Happy Monday!!!! FOr your enjoyment we have Isabelle Drake with us. She’ll be sharing a little about herself and an excerpt to her recent release SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. Sit back, relax and enjoy this peek at Jack Harley and Elizabeth Sewell.  Thrill-seeking risk takers, heroes with the dark past, sexy locales, untamed women! Isabelle Drake writes...

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