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Today we are joined by author Taylor Kincaid and she’ll be sharing her road to publication with us as well as a little about her release DREAMS OF DESTINY.


So crab a cup of coffee, tea or whatever else might start you day off right an join us as we learn more about Taylor.


Dreams of Destiny by Taylor Kincaid

 Lyssa has been tormented by a recurring dream involving a beautiful gray wolf.  Her mother is convinced the dreams are trying to tell her something significant.  When Lyssa encounters an elderly Indian, she asks if he will try to interpret her dream.  He tells her that the wolf symbolizes her soul mate whom she must diligently search for.  Her search begins for the man who is her other half, the man known as Walks With a Wolf. 



My eyes were scanning the top of one of the tall bluffs when I caught sight of him. He walked along the top of the bluff. I could only see a side view of the man, a profile of him. He looked straight ahead and never once glanced in my direction. He appeared to be tall and strong of build. He wore blue jeans and a white t-shirt which showed off a dark tan. His jet black hair was long and hung past his shoulders. His locks were being gently tossed by the breeze as I watched him traverse his way along the bluff.

Then something happened which made me catch my breath. A gray wolf appeared at the man’s side. The wolf fell into step beside the tall, tanned man. They both disappeared among the trees, and I lost sight of them. My heart seemed to lodge in my throat. I wondered at the scene I had just witnessed: a man walking with a wolf. That must mean something, I reasoned. My destiny was taking shape before my eyes.

I continued to keep watch along the bluffs as my canoe slipped quietly through the water. My gaze moved back and forth along the bluffs searching for any sign of movement among the trees. I hoped to catch another glimpse of the man or the wolf, or of both. It wasn’t until later that afternoon that I saw him again. I had practically given up hope when I happened to look up to see him standing at the top of the bluff. He was not walking as he had been the first time I saw him. In fact, there was no movement from him at all. He stood there like a statue, looking like a magnificent bronzed monument.

 He appeared to be watching me as I was watching him. Though some distance lay between us, our eyes locked on one another’s. I could not bring myself to look away from the fascinating picture he made. As far as I could tell, his eyes never wandered from mine. I wanted to wave at him or to call out to him, yet I could do neither. I could only sit there mesmerized at the sight of him, my heart pounding within my chest.

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