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Wedding Hunt – Complete

I found it. Yippeee. I mentioned last month that I am going to a wedding this month. My cousin is getting married. I am excited for her. I can now say that my preparations for my trip and wedding are complete. Here is my list: 1.) I have my plane ticket booked. 2.) Scheduled the...

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Picking Favorites by Mary Burton

“So which of your characters is your favorite?” The question came from a writer friend of mine the other day while we were having coffee. “Favorite?  How can I have a favorite character?  They’re kind of like children.  And mothers don’t pick favorites.” My friend leaned forward, eyes narrowing a fraction.  “Oh come one, you...

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Some Days You Just Can't Win

Have there been days when you’ve felt that way? You get up and discover your husband left four days of beard bristles all over his sink and left it that way? Oh wait! That happened to me! Or that your favorite lipstick dropped … on your top. Perhaps someone found your stash of chocolate and...

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