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Summer Reflections

Summer has been a blast. Busy with family and so on. Also had a b-day. (grin) Another year and some reflection. I took some time to take stock on what you have planned for the rest of the year. There is so much possibilities. I’ve been exploring those moments of possibilities. I re-evaluated what was...

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My Kind of Love Scene (from a movie I watched)

Two pirate clad lovers (male and female) are exchanging marital vows aboard the ghost ship, the Dutchman while battling pirates that had been turned to fish people.   As they speak words of love toward one another their swords are clanking against enemy swords and, blood is splashing and limbs go flying.  During all this madness...

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Making Light of Serious Stuff

                             Making Light of Serious Stuff                                              By                                     Donna Del Oro          As a former high school literature teacher, I am so tempted to write this blog as a lecture, analyzing the components of humor in fiction and non-fiction writing. But what’s the fun in that?...

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Waking Nightmare

   As the release date for WAKING NIGHTMARE approaches (Sept. 1) I feel a bit like I used to when I waited for my due date to arrive.  Certainly it feels like this book has been in the works forever.  No mere nine months for this particular baby–I sold the series in 2007.  That’s a...

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The great comeback

What a crazy year it’s been for me.  It began last March, 2008 with the release of the first book in my Passion series, Discovery in Passion, a paranormal ghost story, and for the next eight months I was releasing a novel every other month. Three books in the Passion series wasn’t much of a...

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