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Back to Basics

These last few month’s I’ve been busy working on some projects. It’s fun delving into world and new characters. Getting to know all about them and bring them to life. When I write that first word I get a thrill. As the words unfold I get even more excited. Writing a book is like a...

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  eBay has engendered itself into our workplace.  As an overview, this phenomenon has taken our culture by Perfect Storm.  There it is, so common, that governor Sarah Palin used it to sell a state owned jet.  And its stock is considered by money people like Michael Nesmith as indicators as to the direction of...

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Lionfish, Tigersharks and Sea Monsters, Oh My!

We’re getting close to Halloween, a holiday that, as a paranormal author, is near and dear to my heart, with its witches and monsters and endless possibilities. Thanks for having me and allowing me to indulge! For thousands of years there have been legends and myths about sea monsters: Jules Verne, Moby Dick, the Loch...

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