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Sherryl Woods has her own reality

  I’ve come to writing fiction from a curious place. In college and for many years after, I worked in journalism where reality was everything and accuracy was paramount — contrary to what many people think of the media these days. The first time, way back in 1980, when I sat down at a typewriter —...

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Vanessa Kelly delves into the Regency Underworld

Not surprisingly, since I write Regency-set historical romances, I’m a sucker for anything Regency—the  beautiful clothes, the sparkling conversation, the fascinating foibles of the leaders of the ton, the gripping politics of the Napoleonic wars.  Most especially I love the Regency rake.  That dashing dude who whirls the heroine around the ballroom, and seduces her...

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Samhain Publishing

Good morning! I’m Anne Scott and I’m an editor at Samhain Publishing. We’ve been around since 2005, and I’ve been here since 2006. I love my job and I’m excited to be entering my fourth year of working for Samhain. Samhain is an epublisher. Our books come out in digital first. If the book is...

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Holiday Mania

Time is flying by for the holidays. When I walk around I see so many people with packages for the holidays. Or hear people talking about their plans and so on. The holidays are always a frenzy to get ready. Finding that perfect gift, planning what you will be preparing, baking to be done, and...

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