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The First Kiss

What makes that first kiss so special? It has been a long time since I shared a first kiss with a man. Not because I am celibate or anything like that, but because I have been with the same man for a long time. That first kiss is a distant memory for me, but if...

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Inspiration Everywhere

  First off, I’d like to thank the Powers That Be at Romance Junkies for inviting me here. Second, I’d like to thank all the junkies out there for making it possible to write romance. Without you, my inspirations would have nowhere to go! Which brings me to my topic today: where the !@# do we...

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Fly Me! by Susan Lyons

FLY ME! was my title for my December release from Kensington Aphrodisia. The editorial and marketing folks, in their ultimate wisdom, changed it to SEX DRIVE. Oh well, I’m just the author. What do I now about creating good titles?But here’s why I like FLY ME as a title. This book is the “planes” book...

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Michelle Picard — Gateways as Metaphor

After I finished my fourth manuscript, all set in very different story worlds, I stepped back and scratched my head noticing similarities. Authors all have them, those predispositions to touch upon certain themes or ideas in our writing. Although I’d written a contemporary fantasy romance, Ruling Eden, a traditional, as of yet unpublished darker fantasy, and...

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