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Write What You Know & Know What's Right

Write What You Know & Know What’s Right By:  Kerri Nelson One of the common bits of writing advice that I’ve heard through the years is to “write what you know”.  So, if you write about law enforcement and the legal system (as I often do) it would certainly help to have experience with these...

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The Perfect Storm and other small miracles

Sometimes, the galaxy spins on its axis, or black hole or whatever, and all the stars align. The moon gleams in a cloudless sky, and turns night to day. Double-rainbows paint a rainy palette. You hit every green light on the way to work. And sometimes a book that had no chance, finally gets its moment....

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Writing Hell Yeah & Frying Okra!

“Ten, hell yeah!” The women yelled with Gretchen Wilson as she sang “Redneck Woman” and asked the redneck girls to give her a big hell yeah as the New Year’s countdown began. “Nine, hell yeah.” “Eight, hell yeah.” Everyone held up their plastic flutes of champagne. “Seven, hell yeah!” The men in the Honky Tonk beer joint joined in with the women. “Six, hell yeah!” “Five, hell...

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A little change can be good

I went out the other day to do some errands. The sun was bright, shining and it was hot. A few hours into my errands I was making good progress getting things done. As I walked along I noticed that the sky had become really overcast. Before I could wonder if I should think about...

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